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We all live in a Pokémon World!

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the last two frames of this kill me

I will reblog this forever.

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the tears of laughter I cry are real.

this truly is the best post on tumblr

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Disney characters with their perfect Pokemon, by kuitsuku

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me during an exam:lol imma ace dis bitch
me during an exam:the fuck did you just say
me during an exam:alright focus
me during an exam:pffffttt i got this
me during an exam:I'M A GENIUS
me during an exam:whats 5 x 8
me during an exam:lol fuck this
me during an exam:be our guest be our guest be our guest put our service to the test
me during an exam:oh exam right
me during an exam:yeah hear me flip that page
me during an exam:i am better than all of you
me during an exam:peasants
me during an exam:what if everyone can read minds except me
me during an exam:i bet theyre all thinking to each other 'dont tell her you can read minds'
me during an exam:cough if you can hear me
me during an exam:COUGH IF YOU CAN HEAR ME
me during an exam:was i doing something
me during an exam:right test okay
me during an exam:lol i bet i can finish before this bitch
me during an exam:did we learn this
me during an exam:stop breathing so loud
me during an exam:is that really necessary
me during an exam:wow that post on tumblr last night is suddenly the funniest thing i have ever seen
me during an exam:i will kill all of you
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